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Curriculums and Programs

Harris and Tucker School uses the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CTELDS) which gives teachers the freedom to all around learning experiences specifically designed for different developmental stages of education.

Our lesson plan experiences encompasses core academic subjects through play such as; math, reading, writing, foreign languages and information technology to other key academic components which include arts and crafts, music, dramatic play and physical activities.

Infant Curriculum & Programs

Early Learning Experiences are key to a strong foundation for positive infant growth. Our goal in the infant program is to provide a warm, nurturing environment that will foster intellectual growth, emotional health and physical development. Activities include fine and gross motor skills, social, emotional and cognitive skills as well as independent play skills.

Our infants will experience developmentally, age-appropriate sensory and explorative activities, art activities, lots of learning fun with music and movement, fine and gross motor play and much, much more.

Toddler Curriculum & Programs

Our toddlers will experience developmentally, age-appropriate sensory and explorative activities, create art and craft projects, experience science, math and manipulative and dramatic play possibilities throughout each day. Harris and Tucker also includes introduction to letters, numbers, shapes and colors to set a foundation for the preschool years and beyond.

Preschool Curriculum & Program

Math Exploration

Our preschool students will focus on key concepts and skills, including place value, measurement, time, money, counting from 1 – 100, simple addition and subtraction, days of the week, months of the year and calendar concepts. Students will partake in lots of themed hands-on lessons as well.

Reading Exploration

Reading is an important part of both our curriculum and a child’s intellectual development. Students are exposed to a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction which are available to the children at all times. Story time is scheduled in all classrooms throughout the school day, and individual reading time is encouraged. Open-ended discussions take place during and after stories are read by teachers to students to encourage and develop understanding, concepts and vocabulary.

Science Exploration

Children engage in hands-on learning activities that foster their knowledge of the world and their understanding of how things work. Students through science will show off their projects, discover the power of the senses, mix colors, magnetics, light discovery, reflections and more!

Culinary Arts

At Harris and Tucker, our Culinary Arts Program is where most all of what students have learned come together. Students talk, draw and write about fruits and vegetables, colors, shapes, size, opposites and measuring. Students also write food orders, use different types of cooking utensils and more! And oh yes, the most important part of our Culinary Arts program… It is when students Prepare, Cook and Eat the food they make.

Art Exploration

Harris and Tucker students engage in hands-on arts and crafts, developing masterpieces of their own using a vast variety of materials and equipment. Children use their imagination and improve fine motor development all while exploring materials and supplies of different textures, colors and shapes.

Tech Exploration

Through small group instruction, children will gain knowledge and concepts of computers, tablets and technology as well as improving fine and gross motor skills. Students ages 3 and older will learn mouse control, navigation of a keyboard and keyboard functions, how to safely turn on and off a computer and components of a computer. Toddlers will familiarize themselves with the mouse and keyboard while listening to stories that will excite their senses.

Dramatic Play Exploration

Children attending Harris and Tucker Preschool have an opportunity to explore several dramatic play options. Toddlers can play dress-up in costumes representing multiple-cultures and community helpers and role play with kitchens and equipment designed specifically for their age. Preschool students can experience pretend play in our dramatic play area. Children develop self-help skills, social skills and language development while dressing up in community helper costumes, shopping and more!

Foreign Language Exploration

Students age 3 and older receive Spanish language lessons daily. Children learn to count from 1-10, colors, animals, days of the week, months of the year, fruits and vegetables, animal, body parts just to name a few. Our graduating students display their knowledge of Spanish during an end-of the year Graduation Ceremony.

Physical Exploration

At Harris and Tucker, we believe in a strong physical activity, sports and games. Our outdoor Learning Park, transportation station, trike trail and courtyard facilitate this purpose. Children have regular outdoor sessions on our separate age-appropriate playgrounds which include a wide range of climbing and play equipment that keep children busy and energized for hours.

Music Exploration

Our students experience music and movement through their day at school from transitions through songs to specific music and movement scheduled activities. Our students are exposed to music and instruments from around the world. Music is also an important part of each day. Computers and CD players are used to project peaceful melodies at rest time and Christian, fun and upbeat songs at play and activity times.

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